TB8 SPA Lecture 3; Morality

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1. From Moll et al (2002)s neuroimaging study, which brain area(s) activated to nonmoral unpleasant stimuli over moral?

  • Left lateral OFC, left amygdala
  • Left medial OFC
  • Lateral OFC, left amygdala, bilateral visual cortex
  • Left medial OFC, left amgdala
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2. Using dual process theory, what would be classed as an impersonal moral dilemma?

  • Having to divert a trolley using a lever to kill 1 or 5 people
  • Having to push a fat person in front of a trolley to stop it killing 5 people

3. What kind of moral dilemmas were vMPFC damaged patients more likely to endorse?

  • Impersonal low conflict
  • Impersonal high conflict
  • Personal high conflict
  • Personal low conflict

4. Difficult personal (utalitarian) moral dilemmas with a long RT indicate emotional and cognitive conflict reflected in activation in?

  • Amygdala (emotion)
  • Medial OFC (morality)
  • Anterior cingulate (cog control)
  • DLPFC (cog control)

5. In predictions of brain imagin findings, which areas would be predicted to activate in personal > impersonal moral dilemmas?

  • Emotion areas
  • Decision making areas
  • Emotion areas and cognitive control areas
  • Cognitive control areas


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