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2. Using dual process theory, what would be classed as an personal moral dilemma?

  • Having to push a fat person in front of a trolley to stop it killing 5 people
  • Having to divert a trolley using a lever to kill 1 or 5 people

3. Which evidence exemplifies consequentialism?

  • Rey figure copy
  • Stroop task
  • vMPFC patients
  • Iowa gambling

4. Which of these is the correct definition of morality?

  • Clearly defined roles and patterns that govern ethics within a social group
  • Obligations and paradigms that define a groups worth
  • Personal code of conduct within the ethical constraints of the group
  • Consensus of manners/customs/shared values within a social group

5. In high conflict situations...

  • Initial response cog cost benefit, emotional, cog control
  • Initial response cog cost benefit, cog control, emotional
  • Initial response emotional, cog control, cog cost benefit reasoning
  • Initial response cog control, emotional, cog cost benefit


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