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2. What is the outcome variable in self efficacy?

  • Behaviour avoidance
  • Message acceptance

3. In McGuires internal process of persuasion, what are the 3 stages?

  • Attention (credibility of source info), Comprehension (type of message) and Acceptance
  • Attention (credibility of source info), Implicitness, Acceptance
  • Implicitness, Acceptance and Comprehension (type of message)
  • Implicitness, Comprehension (type of message) and Acceptance

4. What is the outcome variable in response efficacy?

  • Message acceptance
  • Behaviour avoidance

5. In Uskel, Sherman and Fitzgibbon (2009) studying cultural effects of gain v.s loss framed messages, which motivational style did individualist cultures prefer?

  • Promotion > prevention. Loss framed > gain framed
  • Prevention > promotion. Loss framed > gain framed
  • Promotion > prevention. Gain framed > loss framed.
  • Prevention > promotion. Gain framed > loss framed.


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