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2. Which is the correct order?

  • View independent -> View dependent -> Low level input
  • Low level input -> View dependent -> View independent
  • Low level input -> View independent -> View dependent
  • View dependent -> View independent -> Low level input

3. STS best responds to?

  • Static bodies and body parts
  • Dynamic action
  • Moving bodies and body parts
  • Static and dynamic action

4. Infants can...?

  • Attend human bodies
  • Understand and execute action
  • Understand goal directed action
  • Have Theory of Mind

5. Which of these is NOT an important reason for why we need action perception?

  • Reproductive success
  • Humans are highly social & highly complex in their socialisation
  • Theory of mind
  • Threat detection
  • Evolutionary advantages
  • Dedicated cortical systems


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