TB8 P&C Lecture 3; Action Perception

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1. (Pitcher et al, 2009) In a study using TMS and an object discrimination task, what resulted from disruption to LOA?

  • Object processing but not face or body processing
  • Face processing but not object or body processing
  • Body processing but not face or object processing
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2. What is egocentric coding?

  • View-dependent
  • Locomotive
  • View-independent
  • Object-centred

3. Do STS cells respond to action as a function of low level perceptual qualities e.g lighting size and position?

  • No
  • Yes

4. STS best responds to?

  • Dynamic action
  • Moving bodies and body parts
  • Static bodies and body parts
  • Static and dynamic action

5. Which is most likely?

  • Evolutionary hypotheses
  • Population coding
  • Grandmother cells
  • Mirror neuron systems


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