TB8 Lecture 4; Mirror Neuron System

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1. What is a criticism of Simulation theory?

  • Relies on correlational evidence
  • Cognitive systems not considered
  • How do we inhibit the spontaneous movement?
  • The role of TOM is important to consider
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2. If humans had a MNS, where would they be theoretically found?

  • Premotor cortex
  • M1
  • STS
  • F5

3. Does listening to words that use the tongue increase tongue MEPs?

  • Yes
  • No

4. What blocks the mechanoreceptor input to tell you that you are not being touched?

  • Re-entrant circuits in basal ganglia
  • Alpha motor neurones
  • A nerve block in brachial plexus
  • Basal ganglia complex

5. What does TMS to human M1 do?

  • Make it harder to discriminate actions
  • Decreases M1 activity
  • Causes MEPs in muscles
  • Increases activation in visual and motor areas


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