TB8 Lecture 4; Mirror Neuron System

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1. According to Arbib & Rizzolatti, the development of the observers ability to conciously control their MNS results in?

  • Ability to emit a voluntary signal forming a primitive dialogue between parties
  • Ability to form common ground based on causal and explanatory perceptual heuristics
  • Recognition of the action and intention, forming common ground
  • Ability to form common ground based on causal and explanatory biological laws
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2. If humans had a MNS, where would they be theoretically found?

  • STS
  • F5
  • Premotor cortex
  • M1

3. Do MEPS reflect action specificty in action oberservation?

  • Yes, watching hand action will increase MEPs in the hand
  • No, MEPs reflect general muscle activation
  • No, watching hand actions does not specifically activate hand muscles
  • Yes, MNS are conclusively evidenced in humans

4. In a single cell study in humans, where were neurons with MNS properties seen?

  • PMC, M1 and F5
  • Supplementary motor areas and hippocampus
  • F5 and M1
  • M1 and STS

5. Which of these is NOT an argument against a human MNS?

  • Human single cell studies have not shown evidence of converging activation
  • Indirect evidence
  • Correlational evidence between visual and motor activity
  • Neuroimaging is correlational


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