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2. Outgroup members who mimic are:

  • Liked less
  • Liked more
  • Liked the same
  • Are more likely to become in-group

3. Lumsden et al. found how many pro-social participants?

  • 30
  • 23
  • 40
  • 15

4. Kilner et al. (2003) found:

  • Rocking chairs are either synchronous or asynchronous but rarely anti phase
  • Seeing someone perform an opposite arm action interferes with own action
  • Synchrony is cooperative
  • None of the above

5. Richardson (2007) found that participants on rocking chairs:

  • Were unable to force synchrony
  • Synchronised even when they were not visible to each other
  • Synchronised when they were visible to each other
  • Were often antiphase


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