TB8, L3 - Intelligence and Learning

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1. A neutral operant:

  • None of the above
  • Neither increases nor decreases the likelihood of a behaviour being repeated
  • Decreases the likelihood of a behaviour being repeated
  • Increases the likelihood of a behaviour being repeated
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2. How is validity defined (with regard to IQ tests)?

  • How consistently a test produces the same results
  • How accurately the test measures what it claims to
  • How age-appropriate a test is
  • How rigorously the standards of the test are enforced

3. Classical conditioning can be described as:

  • Learning through observation
  • Learning through association
  • Learning through reward/punishment
  • None of the above

4. What scales does the BSID test:

  • Mental, verbal, hearing
  • Mental, motor, behaviour
  • Motor, verbal, behaviour
  • Mental, verbal, behaviour

5. What effect do racial and ethnic stereotypes have on IQ?

  • Although differences in group averages can be seen, all can be explained by environmental factors
  • Differences in group averages can be seen which are not due to environmental factors
  • IQ does not differ between various racial and ethnic groups
  • Differences in group averages are due to genetic factors


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