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2. Which of the following is NOT used to test memory in pre-verbal infants

  • Operant conditioning
  • fMRI
  • Visual paired comparison
  • Habituation

3. According to Rose (1983), how long do 6m and 12m old infants need for familiarisation?

  • Both require 20-30s
  • 10-15s, 20-30s respectively
  • 20-30s, 10-15s respectively
  • 20-30s, 5-10s respectively

4. Examples of material cognitive tools:

  • None of the above
  • Numbers, language, etc
  • Books, models, etc
  • Books, language, etc

5. What is one explanation as to how problem solving improves with age

  • Children have better developed world knowledge and executive function
  • Children are more socially and linguistically adept
  • Children's attention on a task increases with age
  • None of the above


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