TB8, L2 - Advertising

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1. Maddux and Rogers (1983) also found:

  • None of the above
  • Self efficacy influences the effect of outcome severity and coping response efficacy
  • Self efficacy influences the effect of probability of event and coping response efficacy
  • Coping efficacy influences the effect of self efficacy and outcome severity
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2. Self efficacy refers to:

  • The belief in oneself to change the behaviour
  • How effective the response is to stop the risk
  • How probable the danger is
  • None of the above

3. Rossiter and Percy (1980) found that:

  • Implicit messages are more effective than explicit messages
  • None of the above
  • Positive music can be used to change attitude toward a product
  • Visual saliency of an advert decreases the effect of written information

4. Which of the following is NOT an internal process of persuasion as hypothesised by McGuire (1968)?

  • Acceptance
  • Attention
  • Subjective norms
  • Comprehension

5. Behaviour change is due to:

  • How much protective motivation is triggered as a result of cognitive appraisal
  • Viewing an advert a minimum of 3 times
  • The probability of the occurrence of the threatened event
  • None of the above


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