TB8, L2 - Advertising

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1. What is the second stage of the "3 stages of psychological exposure"?

  • Paying attention
  • Changing behaviour
  • Understanding message
  • Recognising something has been seen before
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2. The Beer study (Rossiter and Percy, 1980) showed that the most effective adverts:

  • Have low visual emphasis and explicit claims
  • Have high visual emphasis and explicit claims
  • Have low visual emphasis and implicit claims
  • Have high visual emphasis and implicit claims

3. Protection motivation theory states that fear campaign adverts work because:

  • None of the above
  • They put people in a motivated state to protect against danger, elicited by a threat
  • They use coercive power which is the most influential type of power
  • They make people aware of the probability of the threatened event

4. Fear campaigns should:

  • None of the above
  • Not create fear, provide a solution, convince response and self efficacy
  • Create fear and highlight severity of threatened event
  • Create fear, provide a solution and convince probability of threatened event

5. Comprehension refers to:

  • Acceptance that the advert has been seen before
  • Who the advert is aimed at
  • The type of message
  • The credibility of the source of communication


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