TB8, L1 - Conceptual Development

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1. Core action states that:

  • Infants can determine biological motion from non-biological motion
  • Infants can use landmarks to orient themselves
  • Infants have no basic action knowledge
  • None of the above
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2. Continuity refers to:

  • Objects influence other objects' motion only with contact
  • Objects will continue to move on an unobstructed path
  • Objects moving as connected and bounded wholes
  • None of the above

3. What did the Meltzhoff and Borton (1979) study show

  • None of the above
  • Infants will imitate the goal-directedness of a behaviour and not the behaviour alone
  • Infants only imitate behaviour of their parents
  • Infants always exactly imitate behaviour regardless of goal-directedness

4. Approximate age of full object permanence

  • 12-18m
  • 0-8m
  • 18-24m
  • 8-12m

5. What is a disadvantage of nativist experiments

  • They are not a measure of true innateness
  • They are not rigorous enough
  • There are no disadvantages
  • They are too difficult for infants abilities


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