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2. How doesneuroconstructivism explain WS?

  • The adult state of the language system may be mature but not 'intact'. Language is atypical in many ways, WS informs about the low level processes of language
  • The genes coding for language skills are intact, other developmental disorders are impaired on these genes.

3. How does cognitive genetics explain the spatial cognitive deficits in WS?

  • Genes missing in WS also involved in anatomical development of dorsal stream pathways
  • WS individuals impaired in spatial cognition as dorsal stream develops unusually bc WS individual does not detect visuo-spatial properties

4. Which of these is NOT present in the socio-cognitive deficit profile of WS?

  • Lack of social inhibition
  • WS perform at extremely high level (higher than controls) on face recognition
  • Telegraphic and evaluative language excessively used
  • Expressive and evaluative language excessively used
  • Excessive eye contact with novel adult > parent

5. Do WS children significantly differ from typically developing 4-5 year olds when matched for mental age in motion/form processing?

  • No
  • Yes


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