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2. Which of these is not a cognitive phenotype in WS?

  • IQ range from 40-90
  • Impaired spatial and numerical skills
  • Intact spatial and numerical skills
  • Intact language, face recog and social interaction

3. Does WS show expressive or telegraphic language?

  • Expressive as opposed to telegraphic in Down syndrome
  • Telegraphic as opposed to expressive in Down syndrome

4. Typically developing children (at 4-5 years) are worse at?

  • Worse at local over global features
  • Worse at global over local features
  • Worse at motion over form processing
  • Worse at form over motion processing

5. What does neuroconstructivism emphasise?

  • The role of gene expression THROUGH developement. Early cognitive profile inferred from adult end state. Fractionation of strengths and weaknesses across domains,disregard of environment
  • The role of genes in coding cognitive abilities. Are specific cognitive modules selectively affected?


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