TB8 D&L Lecture 3; Intelligence and learning

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1. What categorises a passive interaction in genotype-environment interactions?

  • Environment conducive to promoting certain phenotypes bc parents have geno and phenotype
  • Phenotype emerges through childs behaviour on others behaviour
  • Child seeks out preferred environmnet bc of geno and phenotype interactions
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2. Which intelligence test is widely used for children > 6 years, taps verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning & increases with subtest difficulty with age?

  • Fagan test of infant intelligence
  • Weschler Intelligence Scale
  • Bayleys Scale of Infant Development
  • Stanford Binet test

3. Statistical learning includes;

  • Associative learning, analogy, imitation analogy
  • Classical conditioning, operant conditioning, observational learning
  • Classical conditioning, operant conditioning, imitation analogy
  • Associative learning, operant conditioning, observational learning

4. (Nurture's contributions) What is included in the macrosystem?

  • Racial and ethnic stereotypes
  • Schooling
  • Family
  • Social Wealth

5. What do behaviourist theories of learning emphasise?

  • Changes in behaviour resulting from experience
  • Changes in knowledge and cognitive underpinnings of knowledge acquisition


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