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2. What is scientific reasoning?

  • Cognitive tools, which can be either symbolic or material
  • Generations of predictions and hypothesis testing
  • Comparing items that may appear different at first to extract deeper regularities

3. In a study of control of attention by Ruff & Capozolli (2003), which age group were more distracted in single toy > multiple toy conditions?

  • Equally distracted in al conditions
  • 26 months
  • 10 months

4. Can 6 month olds bind shape info to object representatios to identify object after reveal?

  • Yes
  • No

5. In Piaget's cognitive adaptation theory, what is assimilation?

  • Fitting reality into ones cognitive organisation
  • The mechanism by which cognitive organisations are applied to reality
  • Adjustments to cognitive organisation resulting from IRL demans


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