TB8 D&L Lecture 1; Conceptual Knowledge

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1. What is the implication of results from the artificial exemplar group in Paeun 2002?

  • Infants cannot categorise artificial objects
  • Infants prefer animals > furniture
  • Semantic knowledge overrrides perceptual experience in categorisation
  • Perceptual experience overrides semantic knowledge in categorisation
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2. Do infants use prototypical cues to form representations of novel categories?

  • Yes
  • No

3. Which of these is NOT a criticism of the nativist perspective?

  • External validity of category boundaries
  • Construct validity of category boundaries
  • How do innate concepts phylogenetically develop?
  • Can perceptual experiences change innate categories?
  • Can innateness be measured?

4. In core 'object' knowledge, define continuity

  • Objects influence each others motion, only with contact
  • Objects move on connected, unobstructed paths
  • Objects move as connected and bounded wholes

5. What was the main finding by Pauen 2002 for naturalistic exemplars? (between are more similar than within)

  • Infants longer looking time at item from the novel category irrespective of category. Shows disassociation between semantic categories
  • Infants longer looking time at the novel exemplar. Shows disassociation between semantic categories


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