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2. What is linked to poor source memory and confabulation?

  • Hippocampus damage
  • VLPFC damage
  • PFC damage
  • Left IFG damage

3. Which structure underlies the neural basis of retrieval induced forgetting (two associates to each cue but only practice one)?

  • Amygdala
  • OFC
  • MPFC

4. Where does activity at encoding predict subsequent memory success?

  • Hippocampus & Anterior Temporal lobe
  • Anterior Temporal lobe & Angular gyrus
  • VLPFC & Hippocampus
  • VLPFC & Amygdala

5. Which of these is NOT a deficit associated with PFC damage following Korsakoffs syndrome?

  • Retroactive amnesia
  • Confabulation
  • Behavioural changes (ie apathy)
  • Retrieval failures & formation of memory failures


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