TB8 B&B Lecture 3; Memory representations in the temporal neocortex

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1. Electrical stimulation during SWS boosted what type of learning?

  • Verbal learning
  • Procedural memory
  • Visuospatial learning
  • STM
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2. Which of these is characteristic of semantic dementia (SD)?

  • Atrophy in hippocampus and amygdala
  • Progressive loss of verbal concepts and knowledge for events
  • Progressive loss of conceptual knowledge across modalities
  • Degeneration of frontal parietal areas

3. Which memory type is self referential?

  • Episodic
  • Semantic

4. What characterises the temporal gradient in retrograde amnesia?

  • Memories closer to birth are least impaired, more recent memories most impaired
  • Memories closer to birth are most impaired, more recent memories least impaired

5. What is the main concept of Squire's view of consolidation?

  • Slow learning in the hippocampus and interleaved learning
  • Extraction of similarities between multimodal experiences to create concepts (semantic memory)
  • Hippocampus has a time sensitive role in consoldation to the neocortex
  • Hippocampus strongly encodes multimodal experiences and episodes


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