TB7 SPA Lecture 3; Theories and measurements of intelligence

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1. Which of these describes Crystallised intelligence?

  • e.g Verbal analogies
  • The ability to solve abstract relational problems that have not been explicitly taught
  • The ability to solve problems that depend on acquired knowledge
  • e.g Memory for lists
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2. What is the formula for IQ?

  • Mental age/chronological age X Age-1
  • Mental ageXchronological age / Age-1
  • Mental age/chronological age X 100
  • Mental ageXchronological age /100

3. Is Cattels Fluid intelligence free from cultural influences?

  • True
  • False

4. What did Batterjee et al (2013) attribute the increase in Saudi Arabian Intelligence scores to?

  • Nutrition
  • Technology
  • The education system
  • The economical development of the country
  • Child rearing

5. Who created the Stanford-Binet Intelligence scale?

  • Raven
  • Binet
  • Terman
  • Spearman


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