TB7 SPA Lecture 3; Theories and measurements of intelligence

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1. Which of these does NOT describe Fluid Intelligence?

  • e.g Verbal analogies
  • The ability to solve problems that depend on acquired knowledge
  • The ability to solve abstract relational problems that have not been explicitly taught
  • e.g Memory for lists
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2. What did Termans study of highly gifted children (1992) show?

  • Self discipline did not account for any of the variance of IQ
  • Above average levels of satisfaction with life and wellbeing, but unimpressive achievements compared to high IQ
  • Self discipline accounted for twice as much variance in final grades than IQ
  • Below average levels of satisfaction with life and wellbeing and unimpressive achievements compared to high IQ

3. Why did Ravens test become popular?

  • Proved the existence of G
  • Because of its non-verbal nature allowing for cross-cultural comparison
  • Measured G
  • Normally distributed data

4. Which of these is NOT one of the main 4 components of the WAIS?

  • Processing speed
  • Perceptual organisation
  • Perceptual comprehension
  • Working memory
  • Verbal comprehension

5. Is Cattels Fluid intelligence free from cultural influences?

  • True
  • False


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