TB7 P&C Lecture 3; Development of Vision

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1. The 'kitten carousel' experiment demonstrates?

  • A kitten raised in a drum of vertical stripes will not develop horizontal sensitive cells
  • Active visual experience is vital for normal visual development
  • Passive visual experience is vital for normal visual development
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2. What can infants show within 3 months?

  • Pursuit eye movements
  • Optokinetic nystagmus (a reflex, following movement and flicking back)
  • Saccades to where a light is going to be
  • Bringing an object to the fovea

3. When is a typical onset of amblyopia?

  • After 6 yrs
  • After 1 yr
  • Before 6 yrs
  • Before 1 yr

4. At birth, how much snellen activity is there?

  • 50cm
  • 20/400-600
  • 20/800
  • 20cm

5. When looking at ocular dominance for normal v.s monocularly deprived animals, where will there be the MOST amount of cells?

  • Contalateral (opposite side)
  • Ispilateral (same side)


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