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2. What is the main concept of Helmholtz Outflow?

  • An efferent signal moves the eye muscles, a copy of this signal is sent to the comparitor. The retinal movement is also sent to the comparitor which is compared against the copy
  • An efferent signal moves the eye muscle. The eye muscle movement signal is sent to the comparitor. The comparitor compares the eye muscle movement signal with retinal movement

3. Which theory wins when the world moves even when the eye is prevented from moving? (curare)

  • Helmholtz Outflow
  • Sherrington Inflow
  • Both

4. In orientation columns, what kind of activation is represented?

  • No activation
  • A pinwheel of activation
  • Columns of activation
  • An umbrella of actvation

5. Is movement across the retina necessary for motion perception?

  • No as tracked objects still appear to move
  • No as the world stays still when we move our eyes


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