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2. Which of these is NOT a central dyslexia?

  • Deep Dyslexia
  • Surface dyslexia
  • Pure alexia (letter-by-letter)
  • Phonological dyslexa

3. What is a central dyslexia?

  • Disorders of spelling and/or writing
  • Intact letter identification, impaired ACCESS of the sounds or meanings
  • Impaired identification of LETTERS in words

4. Do disorders of semantic and syntactic processing have SIMILAR effects on spoken and written language processing?

  • Yes, suggests shared processes
  • No, suggests shared processes

5. Which of these is NOT a clinical sign of neglect dyslexia/dysgraphia?

  • Bisection of a line towards the LEFT
  • Misreading the beginnings of words
  • Bisection of a line towards the RIGHT
  • OMISSION of left sided targets in cancellation tasks


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