TB7 B&B Lecture 4; Reading and Writing 2

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1. What do the deficits in phonological dyslexia suggest?

  • A weak dorsal route and a relatively intact ventral route
  • A damaged ventral route and intact dorsal route
  • A weak ventral route an relatively intact dorsal route
  • A damaged dorsal route and intact ventral route
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2. What kind of errors do pps with deep dyslexia make?

  • Semantic errors
  • Imageability effect
  • Lexicalisation errors
  • Regularisation errors

3. What kind of process is spelling?

  • Inherently serial
  • Inherently parallel

4. How are familiar words processed when we read?

  • Parallel
  • Serial

5. Which of these can be seen from pps with phonological dyslexia?

  • Better at regular words high frequency words > irregular low frequency words
  • Better at familiar words > non-words and inverted nonwords
  • Better at concrete words > abstract


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