TB7 B&B Lecture 4; Reading and Writing 2

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1. Did frequency and AoA have an effect on BHs performance?

  • Yes, suggesting top down influences
  • No, suggesting bottom up influences
  • No, suggesting top down influences
  • Yes, suggesting bottom up influences
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2. What was the pattern of results in a study of patient BH?

  • Spelling accuracy increased as word length increased
  • Spelling accuracy decreased as word length decreased
  • Spelling accuracy decreased as word length increased
  • Word length increased as spelling accuracy decreased

3. Do the number of letters in familiar words have a large effect on reading speed?

  • No
  • Yes

4. What is a lexicalisation error?

  • Pronouncing irregular spelling words as if they are regular (pint --> pinnt)
  • A non-word being read as a SIMILAR LOOKING real word (fint --> fine, poat --> boat)
  • A real word being read as a SIMILAR LOOKING non word (fint --> fine, poat --> boat)

5. Which places the most demand on control processes?

  • Talking
  • Spelling
  • Reading


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