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2. Can patients with deep dysphasia repeat unfamiliar words and non-words?

  • No
  • Yes

3. Which is NOT true of left hemisphere specialisation?

  • Combining the meanings of sentences
  • Extracting speech sounds (phonemes) from speech
  • Distinguishing phonemes that need fine perceptual analysis
  • Adapting to differences between speakers (e.g accents)

4. Which area does Herpes Simplex Encephalitis tend to affect?

  • Medial temporal lobes
  • Occipital poles
  • Superior temporal lobes
  • Anterior temporal lobes

5. What is represented first in Collins and Quinlans (1969) early model?

  • Superordinate informantion (hierarchy)
  • Subordinate information (hierarchy)
  • Dominant information
  • All information


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