TB7 B&B Lecture 2; Speaking and Listening 2

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1. What kind of damage do people with deep dysphasia typically have?

  • Dorsal damage (partial ventral) and damaged semantic representations
  • Ventral damage (partial dorsal) and damaged semantic representations
  • Dorsal damage but intact semantic representations
  • Ventral damage but intact semantic representations
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2. In semantic dementia (SD), what tend to be lost first?

  • Distinctive features of objects
  • Generic features of objects
  • All features of objects

3. What are pps faster at classifying in Collins and Quinlans (1969) early model?

  • A robin as a bird, as you dont have to go as far up the hierarchy
  • A bird as a robin, as you dont have to go as far up the hierarchy

4. Which area does Herpes Simplex Encephalitis tend to affect?

  • Anterior temporal lobes
  • Occipital poles
  • Medial temporal lobes
  • Superior temporal lobes

5. Which brain area broadly represents meaning?

  • Anterior Temporal poles
  • Medial temporal poles
  • Inferior temporal poles
  • Superior temporal poles


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