TB6 P&C Lecture 2; Visual Search

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1. What was found in evidence supporting the value driven attentional capture model?

  • A low value distractor item significantly increased RT
  • A high value distractor item significantly slowed down RT
  • All distractor items significantly increased RT
  • A low value distractor significantly slowed down RT
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2. What is "attentional guidance"?

  • Evidence for controlled processes
  • None of the above
  • Recovery of certain features is selectively biased, some searches are just "easier" than others
  • Demonstrated by the stroop task

3. In which type of process does display size NOT significantly affect RT?

  • Controlled
  • Serial search
  • Parallel search
  • Automatic

4. What is the main idea behind value driven attentional capture? (Anderson et al 2011)

  • The value of the item guides attention, a top down model
  • The value of the item guides attention, a bottom up model

5. What is the ratio of present:absent slope that indicates serial self-terminating search?

  • 2:2
  • 2:3:2
  • 1:2
  • 2:1


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