TB6 D&L Lecture 3; Parsing and Syntactic ambiguity

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1. In Rayner & Frazier (1987), what did garden path sentences lead to?

  • Longer fixations at disambiguation point, more regressive eye movements
  • None of the above
  • More regressive eye movements
  • Longer fixations at disambiguation point
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2. Are constraint based frameworks parallel?

  • Yes
  • No

3. What is animacy?

  • A semantic variable; whether a word can act
  • A lexical variable; whether a word can act
  • A morphological variable; how much a word can 'do'
  • A prosodic cue; how much the word lends itself to prosody

4. Which feature of the garden path has best stood the test of time?

  • Autonomous
  • Innate/universal
  • Incrementality
  • Serial

5. What does eyetracking provide a sensitivity to?

  • Speed of lexical processing
  • Channel switching
  • Speed of processing of individual words
  • Speed of semantic processing


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