TB6 D&L Lecture 2; The Structure of Sentences

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1. Describe a parallel autonomous parser

  • Semantic info guides the parser, ONLY semantically plausible representations generated
  • All possible syntactic representations are generated and semantics used to choose the most appropriate
  • A purely syntactic representation is first constructed, then checked against semantic info
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2. Why does the Garden Path effect occur according to the parallel autonomous parser?

  • 1 representation is more active than others but it is wrong
  • More evidence supports the analysis than the alternatives but turns out to be wrong
  • The single syntactic representation generated was wrong so you have to reanalyse

3. What are perceptual heuristics that are NECESSARY for parsing?

  • Noun-Verb-Noun, Subject-Verb-Object
  • Surface-structure cues
  • Canonical sentence strategy
  • Deep-structure cues

4. What is the canonical sentence strategy?

  • Making use of the most common structure in the language to aid comprehension
  • Making use of the least common structure in the language to aid comprehension

5. What are the two stages in Frazier & Fodors (1978) sausage machine model of parsing?

  • PPP (Preliminary phrase packager), SSS (Sentence structure supervisor)
  • PPP (Sentence structure supervisor), SSS (Preliminary phrase packager)


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