TB6 D&L Lecture 2; The Structure of Sentences

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1. Describe an autonomous parser

  • Syntax and semantics are both used to construct the syntactic representation in one go
  • The first stage is purely autonomous, the second is semantic
  • Initial stages of parsing ONLY use syntax to construct representations
  • Other sources and modalities of information can influence the parser at an early stage
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2. In click displacement studies, what is the clause?

  • A major unit in semantic processing
  • Not a major unit
  • A major unit in semantic and syntactic processing
  • A major unit in syntactic processing

3. Describe a serial autonomous parser

  • A purely syntactic representation is first constructed, then checked against semantic info
  • All possible syntactic representations are generated and semantics used to choose the most appropriate
  • Semantic info guides the parser, ONLY semantically plausible representations generated

4. What two processes determine initial attachment in garden path?

  • Minimal attachment and late closure
  • Minimal attachment and incrementality
  • Late closure and incrementality
  • Instrumentality and autonomy

5. What is phrase structure grammar?

  • Limited rules, infinite complexity
  • Infinite rules, limited complexity
  • Decoding of ambiguity
  • Assigning syntactic roles


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