TB4 Lecture 3; SZ + Structural Issues Quiz!

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1. In criterion A, which one of these options would be classed as SZ

  • Delusions, hallucinations and Disorganised speech
  • Hallucinations and negative symptoms (e.g avolition)
  • Delusions, grossly disorganised/catatonic behaviour and negative symptoms (e.g avolition)
  • Grossly disorganised/catatonic behaviour and disorganised speech
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2. Which trimester of pregnancy is thought to affect the migration of pre-alpha cells to their final positions in SZ brains?

  • Third trimester
  • Fourth trimester
  • Second trimester
  • First trimester

3. Which agents has HERV-W retrovirus been activated by?

  • Toxoplasma gondii (found in cat feces)and Influenza virus
  • ERV9, HC2 and Toxoplasma gondii
  • Influenzea virus and emotional stress
  • Toxoplasma godii and emotional stress

4. What was found in a study focusing on the lateral ventricles in two identical twins?

  • SZ has a genetic basis
  • The abled twin had larger lateral ventricles than the SZ twin
  • The abled twin had smaller lateral ventricles than the SZ twin
  • The SZ twin and abled twin had equally sized ventricles, SZ does not have a clinical genetic basis

5. What are delusions? (DSM V)

  • Believing they are dead, nothing exists and people are only spirits
  • Fixed beliefs that are not susceptible to change in light of conflicting evidence
  • False beliefs that everything (media, other people etc) are referring to herself
  • False beliefs that other people are plotting against them, even when they are told this is no the case


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