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2. Why is the pregnant person most sensitive to radiation at this time?

  • This is the critical period of prenatal brain development, with neural proliferation and migration, migration not occuring correctly has serious effects
  • As the infants developing brain is at peak plasticity
  • As this is the period in which synaptogenesis occurs

3. What is the second stage of brain development?

  • Neurogenesis and cell migration
  • Folding of the neural plate to form the neural tube
  • The formation of the hindbrain
  • Cell insulation

4. What does the process of myelinisation do/improve?

  • Produces nerve cells at a rate of 250,000pm
  • Adds to the weight of the total brain
  • Insulates the cell and improves synaptogenesis (cell communication)
  • Allows cells to acquire specialised functions

5. Which is the last brain area to stop growing?

  • The prefrontal cortex
  • The limbic system
  • The cortex
  • The cerebral cortex


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