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2. Which is the last brain area to stop growing?

  • The prefrontal cortex
  • The cortex
  • The cerebral cortex
  • The limbic system

3. Which two areas govern autonomic functions as well as reflexes

  • Brainstem and midbrain
  • Cerebral cortex and Spinal cord
  • Spinal cord and midbrain
  • Automatic nervous system and medulla

4. What are the three stages (in order) of cellular development

  • Proliferation, cell migration, myelinisation
  • Myelinisation, Cell migration, proliferation
  • Synaptogenesis, Myelinisation, Cell migration
  • Synaptogenesis, Cell migration, proliferation

5. What is the role of the limbic system?

  • Reflexes and responses to stress
  • Regulating emotions and frontal lobes for advanced cognitive functioning
  • Abstract thought
  • Processing auditory and visual stimuli


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