TB10 P&C Lecture 4; Extraclassical perception

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1. What is a reason for paying more attention to EFFECT SIZES over p values?

  • Because small experimental biases can give rise to a high p if n is high, not a'real result'
  • If you have controlled your experiment even small effects are interesting
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2. Who was found guilty of fraud?

  • Henry Sidgwick
  • Bem
  • Stapel
  • Goldstein

3. Who founded the Parapsychology Lab at Duke?

  • Bem
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Rhine
  • Henry Sedgewick

4. What is the file drawer problem?

  • Bad data are not included in the study and people being reluctant to publish negative results/replications
  • If you do lots of tests on a single dataset/multiple studies some will be signif only by chance. e.g probability of getting a posi result x 13 experiments...likely that one will be significant
  • A post hoc definition of success. Not defining predictions before the experiment

5. In the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR), why is RNG necessary for ESP work?

  • Because computers can only generate pseudo-random numbers
  • Because the numbers need to be manipulable and controlled
  • To eliminate experimentor bias


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