TB10 B&B Lecture 2; How can multiple neurons represent information?

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1. What is coarse coding?

  • Each neuron represents a range of possible input values
  • Information about the stimulus is carried in the rate of firing
  • Information about the stimulus is carried in the precise timing of individual spikes
  • The same neuron can be used to detect the presence of a stimuli based on its similarity to a prototypical representation
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2. What are two dimensions through which shape can be represented?

  • Curvature and outline
  • Outline and affordance
  • Curvature and colour
  • Outline and colour

3. What is a spectral colour?

  • Colours that correspond to a single wavelength
  • Mixtures of colours that produce the same activity as a spectral colour
  • A firing rate weighted average of each neurons preferred value

4. Which allow for rapid learning and allow for simple network architecture?

  • Sparse population codes
  • Dense population codes

5. In the retinal code for colour, how many types of photoreceptor cones are there?

  • 3
  • 2
  • 4
  • 1


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