TB10 B&B Lecture 1; How is information represented in an individual neuron?

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1. In a raster plot, what does a row represent?

  • Time
  • How many spikes fired in a given period
  • An experimental trial
  • A spike
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2. What was the main issue with grandmother cell single cell studies?

  • A given neuron will fire to 0.54% of possible stimuli
  • There is too many variables to say what the cell is responding to
  • There is no way to get single cell recordings from human medial temporal lobes as the technique is too invasive
  • Grandmother cells only respond to high level abstract concepts rather than low level perceptual stimuli

3. Which of these is NOT true of the firing rates of neurons?

  • Signal a degree of match between input and 'preferred value'
  • Be interpreted as the probability the particular stimulus is present
  • Represent certainty of processing
  • Reflect and represent uncertainty

4. What does a tuning curve represent?

  • The typical graded response patterns of neurons
  • The typical L shaped trough pattern of neural responses
  • The typical onset-offset response patterns of neurons
  • The typical U shaped curve of neural response patterns

5. From where do neurons receive input?

  • Nucleus
  • Myelin
  • Dendrites
  • Axon


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