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2. What characterises the 'detector' analogy?

  • An individual neuron intergrates information from a variety of sources and sends a signal representing the degree to which the inputs match some type of pattern
  • Each neuron codes for a specific pattern with a 'detection threshold'
  • Single neurons code for specific individual phenomena e.g there is a neuron that selectively codes for faces, another for dogs...
  • An individual neuron 'detects' information in its receptive field and broadcasts to other single neurons

3. What does a tuning curve represent?

  • The typical L shaped trough pattern of neural responses
  • The typical onset-offset response patterns of neurons
  • The typical graded response patterns of neurons
  • The typical U shaped curve of neural response patterns

4. Is there ambiguity in bell shaped tuning curves?

  • Yes, the same firing rate can reflect different properties of the stimulus
  • No, the same firing rate always reflects the same property of the stimulus

5. From where do neurons receive input?

  • Dendrites
  • Axon
  • Nucleus
  • Myelin


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