Symphony N.o. 40 in G minor - QUIZ

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1. What is the recapitulation?

  • A totally improvised section
  • The finishing section which changes the key of the piece
  • The same as the exposition with a bit of variation
  • A cadence
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2. What is the diatonic and functional harmony based around?

  • Standard minor triads
  • Standard major and minor triads
  • Minor chords
  • Major chords

3. Which is the section after the exposition?

  • 3rd subject
  • Recapitulation
  • Development
  • 1st subject

4. What rhythmic change(s) are used to add interest?

  • Staccato and dotted quavers
  • Syncopation and dotted rhythms
  • Syncopation and melismas
  • Slurs and syncopation

5. What instruments play the first subject?

  • Piano
  • Wind
  • Strings
  • Harp


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