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2. What rhythmic change(s) are used to add interest?

  • Syncopation and dotted rhythms
  • Slurs and syncopation
  • Syncopation and melismas
  • Staccato and dotted quavers

3. How do they show the 'answer' phrase?

  • It gets quieter
  • It ends with a perfect cadence
  • It ends with a plagal cadence
  • It gets louder

4. What does the melody in the second subject have?

  • Descending chromatic patterns
  • Descending major scales
  • Descending G minor triad
  • Ascending chromatic patterns

5. How do they show the 'question' phrase?

  • It gets louder
  • It finishes with an imperfect cadence
  • It finishes with an interrupted cadence
  • It gets quieter


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