SWHS Nazi Germany

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1. Which of these wasn't in the Treaty of Versailles

  • The war guilt cause
  • Germans had to rebuild all the places they destroyed
  • Had to pay war reperations
  • German army could only have 100,000 troops
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2. Who was the leader of Germany in WWI

  • Kaiser Wilhelm
  • Hitler
  • Friedrich Ebert
  • Georges Clemenceau

3. Why did Hitler hate the Weimar

  • Thought theey were Jews
  • The stab it the back theory
  • Prefered the keiser
  • thought they wern't German

4. Who did the Freikorps destroy

  • The Nazis
  • The Kasier
  • The Communists
  • The Weimar Republic

5. When the Kaiser left what was the new goverment called

  • Weimar Republic
  • Freikorps
  • Berlin Republic
  • Nazi Goverment


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