Swansong- essential facts

These are the facts that you must know for the theory paper about swansong

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1. What do the guards wear?

  • Traditional soldier/guard red uniforms
  • Black tops and black trousers
  • Military style khaki uniforms
  • Red t-shirts and blue jeans
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2. How many sections are there in Swansong?

  • 9
  • 8
  • 7
  • 6

3. Who choreographed Swansong?

  • Matthew Bourne
  • Christopher Bruce
  • Siobhan Davis
  • David Bintley

4. What does the victim wear?

  • An orange prisoner's jumpsuit
  • A black top and black trousers
  • A red t-shirt and blue jeans
  • A black and white striped prisoner's jumpsuit

5. Which of these is not a prop used in Swansong?

  • canes
  • clown's nose
  • table
  • cigarette lighter


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