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Revision Notes on Accompaniment for GCSE Dance set work SwanSong

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Who is the composer?
Philip Chambon
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Who was it commissioned by?
Christopher Bruce
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What type of accompaniment is it?
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What does this accompaniment include?
digitally sampled sounds, vocals, a reed pipe and popular dance rhythms
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Unaccompaniment interludes enable
us to hear the tapping of feet
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When the music is slow and sad the dancing is
continuous and flowing to match, like in section when the victim dances alone
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When the music is fast and strong the dancing becomes
more dynamic like in the section when the guards manipulate the victim.
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Where the music and dance work together
it demonstrates a direct correlation
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The start of the dance is triggered by the sound
of the door slamming
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In section 5 there is
no accompaniment - uses silence
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This emphasis
the change of speed in movement, generates the atmosphere of a bleak prison cell and highlights the dramatic impact of the prisoners’ situation by the imagery of the prop (chair)
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The silence in section 5
means that the audience can hear the sound of dancers’ movements and breath, the chair and allows the dancer to improvise and feel the mood of the dance freely.
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In section 1 - question and answer use sounds of
tap, Claps and finger clicks are also used to heighten the intensity of the interrogation.
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In Section 6 – The Cane Dance, carnival type music is used
to add an element of comedy and to break the tension slightly
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Chambon uses sounds of birds
makes us think of a trapped bird in a cage, like the prisoner in the cell
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The MOOD is communicated throughout by the use of the reed pipes and vocals
creates an eerie, un-inviting atmosphere
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The guards ‘tango’ section music sets the RHYTHM
of movement, as well as the victims solo being slower, tired and soft.
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The THEME of the dance is clear throughout
the synthesized accompaniment portrays the ideas of prisoner of conscience.
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The music gives us SOUND EFFECTS such as
pots and pans and bird sounds.
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Who was it commissioned by?


Christopher Bruce

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What type of accompaniment is it?


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What does this accompaniment include?


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Unaccompaniment interludes enable


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