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Mail surveys
Convenient/ response rate/ bias
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Internet surveys
Easy, cheap, convenient, large diverse sample, representative, ethics
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Phone surveys
Some Qs easier to ask/ large diverse samples/ selection bias/ interviewer bias
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Group surveys
Captive audience/ large amount of data quickly/ privacy and anonymity/ pressure
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Structured interviews
Same Qs, same order, quantitative analysis, interviewer bias, social context
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Convenient, large sample, good response rate, representativeness, demand characteristics, questionnaire fatigue
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Psychometric tests
Ways to measure things related to the mind- ability or aptitude tests/ personal qualities
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Date back to
2000BC China
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Chinese civil service exams, test fundamental skills
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Robert Yerkes
Army Alpha and Beta tests- systematic method of evaluating intellectual and emotional functioning of soldiers/ verbal and numerical ability/ ability to follow directions/ capability of serving/ job classification/ leadership potential
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Beta test
Illiterate or foreign speaking
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Used by
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Emotional stability and susceptibility to shell shock
Woodworth Personal Data Sheet
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Binet IQ test used to identify children with learning difficulties
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Open-ended Qs
Detailed answers, quick to design but long to analyse, subjective interpretation, participant led
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Partially open-ended
Multiple choice plus other
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Close ended
True/false, multiple choice, likert scale- guessing, unsubtle, complex to design but quick to mark, theory led
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Questionnaire fallacy
Belief that questionnaire provides true picture of what people do and think
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Rating scale
Equal number of positive and negative questions/ pilot test/ scale should fit topics
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Semantic differential scale
meanings of concepts suing bipolar adjectives
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Questionnaire bias
Order effects, priming, demand characteristics, social desirability, acquiescence, extreme or neutral responses, cultural bias
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Internet surveys


Easy, cheap, convenient, large diverse sample, representative, ethics

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Phone surveys


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Group surveys


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Structured interviews


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