Supreme Court Cases

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Fletcher vs Peck 1810
Peck was guilty of breach of covenant as the land he sold was not legally his to sell. This case was one of the original cases in which the Supreme Court held that the state law was unconstitutional.
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McCulloch v Maryland 1819
This case was about whether Maryland could tax on all notes of banks not charted in Maryland. The Supreme Court granted Congress powers not expressly stated in the constitution.
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Gibbons v Ogden 1824
Ogden didn't want GIbbons using the hudson river to transport goods . The state judge rulled in favour of Ogden, but Gibbons appealed to the supreme court saying he was protected by terms of federal license. The SC rulled in favour of GIbbons.
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Brown v Board of Education 1954
This case was about whether segregated schools were constitutional. SC ruled in favour of Brown and told the states to abollish segregated schools.
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Gideon v Wainwright 1963
The case was about the states being requried to provide legal counsel to defendants charged with a felony. SC decided that defendants should be given legal counsel and enforced these laws on the states.
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Griswold v Connecticut 1965
Birth control was banned in the state of connecticut for everyone. The SC ruled this unconstitutional and told the state to allow it for married couples only.
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Loving v Virginia 1967
An interracial couple was jailed in Virginia as it was illegal in that state. the couple got married in Washington DC where it wasn't. The court rulled the ban on interracial marriage unconstitutional. The SC was seen as to be against racism.
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Roe v Wade 1973
The case was about overruling the restrictive state regulation of abortion as a right to privacy under due process clause of the 14th amendment. The SC stopped the states banning abortion.
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Texas v Johnson 1989
Johnson burned the US flag at a protest. Texas took him to court as it was against the law in Texas to desecrate the flag in any way. The SC ruled that under the !st amendment the law was unconstitutional.
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US v Morrison 2000
Morrison was sued under part of the violence against women act. The court voted that parts of the act were unconstitutional as they exceded congress' power of commerce.
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NFIB v Sebelius 2012
The issue was whether congress could force the states to make sure everyone had healthcare. The court ruled in favour of congress and granted them some powers but not all of what Obama wanted to do.
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Shelby v Holder 2013
The voting rights act aimed to stop voting discrimination by making states with a history of discrimination get approval to change how they vote before they do. The court ruled that how they decide who needs to do this was unconstitutional.
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Obergefell v Hodges 2015
The bans on same sex marriage and their recognition were lifted after the court found it unconstitutional under the 14th amendment.
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Schechter v US 1935
It invalidated regulations on the poultry industry. The court believed the executive had delagated too much power to themself and industry.
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US v Nixon 1974
During the watergate scandel in came out that the men ahd been hired to get Nixon re-elected. The investigation needed the recordings of Nixon. Nixon claimed executive privelege but there was no sensitive info. on the tapes so it was denied.
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Clinton v Jones 1997
Clinton was acused of unwanted sexual advances while he was a Governer. The district court rejected the presidential immunity argument, but held that no trial should be held until after his presidency. They were granted certiorari by the SC.
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Clinton v New York 1998
The Line Item Veto Act gave the president the power to veto certian things such as finance. However the court ruled that it violated the presentment clause of the constitution, and Clinton was stripped of the power.
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Rasul v Bush 2004
Foreign nationals held in Guantanamo Bay could petiton federal courts for writs of habeas corpus to review the legality of the detention.
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Hamdan v Rumsfeld 2006
Hamdan was captured in Afganistan, military procedings against him began, and he challenged the authority. He was granted habeas corpus and all constitutional rights were given to him.
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Boudemiene v Bush 2008
The Military Commisions Act 2006 that barred foreign nationals held in Guantanamo Bay from challenging their detentions unconstitutional.
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US v Texas 2016
The DAPA program aimed to legalise a parents immigration if their child was a legal citizen or they had lived in the US since 2010. The SC blocked this program.
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NLRB v Noel Canning 2014
Obama was using recess apointments to get in anyone he wanted without opposition. People caught on to what he was doing and the SC limited the amount of recess appointments presidents were allowed.
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State of Washington and State of Minnesota v Trump 2017
This lawsuit challenged the lawfullness of president trumps travel ban.
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Marbury v Madison 1803
Marbury sued Madison as Madison didn't deliver papers that would make Marbury Justice of the Peace in columbia. The SC ruled that the job was unconstitutional, while giving themselves what we call now Judical Review.
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Hammer v Dagenhart 1918
The case was about child labour in states and whether congress had the right to regulate it. The SC ruled that neither the states or congress had the right to regulate it and they chose to enact the laws to make them fairer.
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US v Lopez 1995
Congress used the commerce clause to say people can’t have guns around schools. It was challenged as people felt it was unconstitutional. The law was overturned is the SC as congress had exceeded its power.
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US v Eichman 1990
Burning of the US flag is protected by the 1st amendment.
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US v Stevens 2010
Stevens was prosecuted for selling videos of animals fighting, but the SC found that it was a breach of his 1st amendment right.
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Arizona v US 2012
In the fight over immigration Arizona wanted to be tougher. The lawsuit nullified parts and granted other parts of Arizona law.
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Citizens United v FEC 2010
People can only donate so much to a campaign so that the rich can't influence presidency's.
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Snyder v Phelps 2011
There was a protest against gay soldiers outside a gay soldiers funeral. The SC ruled that the protesters were entitled to protest as they were speaking about public concerns on public land, and were protected by their first amendment rights.
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McCulloch v Maryland 1819


This case was about whether Maryland could tax on all notes of banks not charted in Maryland. The Supreme Court granted Congress powers not expressly stated in the constitution.

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Gibbons v Ogden 1824


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Brown v Board of Education 1954


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Gideon v Wainwright 1963


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