Sultry Sarabande and Groovy Gigue

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1. GIGUE - Give an example of functional harmony in this piece.

  • Both halves end with a perfect cadence
  • Both halves end with a plagal cadence
  • The first half ends with a perfect cadence
  • The second half ends with a perfect cadence
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2. SARABANDE - "I span the German fort!"

  • Fortspinnung
  • Castle Issues
  • Who cares?
  • WWII

3. SARABANDE - What kind of metre is this piece in?

  • Complex triple time
  • Simple triple time
  • Compound triple time
  • Easy triple time

4. BOTH - How often do the pieces use sequencing?

  • Never
  • Frequently
  • Rarely

5. SARABANDE - What IS 'Fortspinnung'??

  • Regular, repetitive motifs
  • Short, regular 2-bar/4-bar phrases
  • The constant 'spinning out' of a melody with small improvisatory changes.
  • Improvisatory German knitting




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