Suicide as a Social Fact

Durkheim felt that it was not his job to look at...
At why individuals commit suicide but instead why there were differences in suicide rates
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Although suicide may appear to be an individual act it is in fact
A social fact
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Suicide rates show a...
A consistency and they vary in a systematic way over time and society
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This is the first criteria of a social fact...
It’s externality
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The second criteria is...
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How can somebody be constrained into committing suicide by a society which tries to prevent it?
The constraint that Durkheim is talking about is not the same as the constraint which stops us from committing murder
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Instead it is the constraint of a...
Social current which pushes the individual towards a particular action
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Durkheim identifies four types of suicide dependent upon different degrees of
Integration and regulation
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Integration refers to
The strength of the attachment that we have to society
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Regulation refers to
The degree of external constraint on people
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If integration is too high...
It is altruistic suicide
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They feel that it is...
Their duty to commit suicide (such as Rev Jim Jones)
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Low integration results in...
Egoistic Suicide
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High rates are found in societies or groups where the individual feels...
They are not part of society and also the society is not part of the individual
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If an individual is integrated into society it provides them...
A general feeling of moral support to get us through trivial disappointments
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Durkheim felt the best parts of a human being come...
From society such as morality and value
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Without these we are likely
To commit suicide at the smallest frustration
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High regulation leads to..
Fatalistic Suicide
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Such as with a slave who takes their own life because
Of the hopelessness of the situation
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Low regulation leads to..
Anomic Suicide
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This is most likely to occur when the regulative powers of society...
Are disrupted
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Disruptions are likely to leave the individual feeling dissatisfied because there is little control over their passions which are...
Free “to run wild in an insatiable race for gratification”- Ritzer
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When the rules govern social life fail...
We are left not knowing how to behave or what is appropriate
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Although suicide may appear to be an individual act it is in fact


A social fact

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Suicide rates show a...


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This is the first criteria of a social fact...


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The second criteria is...


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