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2. according to Durkheim what two social forces are linked to suicide?

  • social integration & moral regulation
  • social isolation & social integration
  • moral panic & folk devils
  • social integration & socialisation agencies

3. interpretivists argue that suicice statistics are ?

  • they are the best way to decide if a death was suicide
  • they are highly relibale because only coroners interpret them
  • invalid and unreliable as different coroners reach different verdicts on the same thing
  • they are valid, they show a true picture of reality

4. Durkheims reseach into suicide involved looking at?

  • suicide notes
  • interveiws
  • official statistics
  • diaries

5. according to douglas what 4 ways can people define their suicide

  • gambling, for joy, to be reckless, to see if people notice
  • a means of transforming the self, oneself for others,achieving fellow feelings,gaining revenge
  • there is only two ways that define this
  • douglas did not say anything about this


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