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2. what is the definition of moral regulation?

  • when people do not abide to the law
  • when people lose all values and do not consider morals
  • social processes that keep people actions and desires in check
  • social processes that do not keep peoples actions and desires in check

3. accoridn to douglas & atkinson suicide statistics are a?

  • social construction
  • reliable
  • numbers
  • the truth

4. what is the definiton of social integration?

  • to extent to which individuals in sciety get a radical haircut
  • the extent to which individuals are integrated into society and experience a sense of belonging
  • the extent to which individuals are excluded from society
  • the extent to which radical feminists accept that men are in charge

5. one clue coroners use to decide a death is suicide

  • asking the relatives
  • they do not use clues, they just know
  • life history/ mental state
  • pre- recorded suicide videos


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