Sugar beet I - Industry overview and establishment

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Sugar beet is a biannual, perennial or annual plant?
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When is sugar beet established?
Spring - March/ april.
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When do you harvest sugar beet?
From september though to february.
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When do seed growers harvest sugar beet?
usually 15-18 months after planting.Cold shock results in seed head initiation from early spring.
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What is a sugar beet 'campaign'?
This is the period in which sugar beet is delivered to the is typically between september and february.
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Maximum sugar beet sugar content is generally reached in:
mid november. However, the amount in which yield increases between october and november is marginal compared with august and september.
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Why is harvesting the sugar beet crop before it has finished growing in early autumn sometimes beneficial?
early payment bonus' can be acheived, less soil structure damage, harvest in time for winter cereals and easier harvesting.
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How is sugar beet sold?
The price is predetermined. Was £31 per tonne, now is £24 per tonne.
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When is the sugar beet quota system going to be scrapped?
2017 leading to uncertainty within the industry.
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Where is the majority of the UK's sugar beet grown?
East anglia and Lincolnshire.
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What is the average yield of sugar beet?
60-70 T/ha
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What is one major brand of sugar that is british?
Silver spoon
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What is one brand of sugar that is imported?
Tate & Lyle
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Why should you beware of OSR included in a rotation including sugar beet?
Because of Rhizomania.
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When does sugar beet normally get included within a rotation?
Before and After cereals. Follows wheat and often before barley.
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4 Problems with close cropping
Overlapping harvest/drill date. Increased labour requirement. ADD 2 MORE
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Cultivation techniques for establishing Sugar beet
Ploughing/power harrowing/pressing. Avoid surface compaction.
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What are we looking for in sugar beet varieties?
Sugar content. Yield weight.Disease resistance. early/late maturing.
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What is bolting in a sugar beet plant?
This is when the plant comes into contact with a cold shock (winter) and this initiates the seed head. This uses up some sugar reserves resulting in yield reduction.
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Why is bolting bad?
this uses up sugar energy within the root and also causes volunteer beet to appear in following crops.
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Why is weed (volunteer) beet bad?
Emerge in following beet crops and usually go straight to seed.
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What is one bolting resistant variety of sugar beet?
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Can sugar beet be Beet cyst nematode (BCN) resistant?
Yes, variety dependant.
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What is rhizomania?
A viral disease which affects sugar beet and oilseed ****. The majority of beet varieties are resistent however new viral strains are overcoming this.
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2 foliar diseases of Sugar beet?
Rust and powdery mildew.
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How is sugar beet drilled?
using precision drills in march-april.
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How many seeds is 1 unit of sugar beet seed equal to?
100,000 seeds.
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What is the establishment aim of sugarbeet? %
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What does an 80% establishment rate result in?
Serious yield loss.
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What is seed priming?
Where the sugar beet seed gets coated in primer to allow to it to be precision drilled. it also includes fungicides and neonicitinoids for added protection.
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What percentage of sugar beet seed is primed?
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What does primed seed lead to?
Faster establishment, disease protection.
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Soil pests in sugar beet?
Nematodes. Millipedes. Springtail. Symphylid.
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How many weeks protection can insecticidal seed treatments provide against aphids?
10-14 weeks.
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does the incidence of 'virus yellow aphids' decrease when systemic insecticidal seed treatments are use?
Yes, by over 50%!
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Who is sugar beet in the UK grown for under contract?
british sugar.
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What seed rate would you typically use with sugar beet?
100,000 seeds /ha. (1 unit/ha)
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How would you combat the disease virus yellows?
using a systemic insecticidal seed treatment that gives protection for 10-14 weeks after establishment protecting against this early viral disease.
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When is sugar beet established?


Spring - March/ april.

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When do you harvest sugar beet?


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When do seed growers harvest sugar beet?


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