Substance Dualism - Philosophy Of The Mind

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1. The Argument From Clear & Distinct Ideas is......

  • I can clearly and distinctly concieve of myself as a mind existing seperately from my body
  • I can't have clear and distinct ideas but Descartes provides no reason why
  • I can't have clear and distinct ideas as they come from God
  • I can't have clear and distinct ideas as they do no exist
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2. Ryle believes Descartes makes, what?

  • No mistakes, Ryle is a substance dualist too!
  • A category mistake: because he thought the mind is different from someone's behaviour when in fact they are the same thing
  • A hypothetical mistake: because he assumes the implicit relationship between someone's behaviour and their actions
  • A circular argument

3. Descartes believes consciousness....

  • has no need to havve an explaination as it's a basic feature of the mind
  • is a seperate entitiy from the brain, it needs to be kept healthy through reasoning (which takes part in the soul)
  • Does not occur
  • Descatres doesn't mention consciousness

4. Substance Dualism is a reductive theory of the mind. True or False?

  • False
  • True

5. The Argument From Divisibility is.....

  • Nothing is divisable
  • My body is divisible into parts but my mind is not, so my mind and body are seperate entities
  • My mind and body are divisible, obviously....
  • My mind is divisible into parts but noy my body, so they are seperate


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