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2. Who said: The mind has no location in order to intermingle with matter, which IS located

  • Descartes
  • Elizabeth Of Bohemia
  • Sally Of Ibiza
  • Harrold Of Suffolk

3. Descartes believes consciousness....

  • Does not occur
  • Descatres doesn't mention consciousness
  • has no need to havve an explaination as it's a basic feature of the mind
  • is a seperate entitiy from the brain, it needs to be kept healthy through reasoning (which takes part in the soul)

4. Another is the argument from....

  • Divisibility
  • Substances
  • Ideas and Concepts
  • Entities

5. Descartes Argument for Clear and Distinct Ideas.....

  • ....is circular
  • .....disproves The Mind/Body Problem
  • ....was founded by Ryle
  • .....cannot be criticised


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