Substance Dualism - Philosophy Of The Mind

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1. The Argument From Doubt is....

  • I can doubt nothing, everything is possible
  • I can doubt my body exists, but not my mind
  • I can doubt my mind eists, but not my body
  • I can doubt everything, nothing is possible
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2. The Argument From Divisibility is.....

  • My mind and body are divisible, obviously....
  • My body is divisible into parts but my mind is not, so my mind and body are seperate entities
  • My mind is divisible into parts but noy my body, so they are seperate
  • Nothing is divisable

3. Substance Dualism is a reductive theory of the mind. True or False?

  • False
  • True

4. Who said: The mind has no location in order to intermingle with matter, which IS located

  • Harrold Of Suffolk
  • Elizabeth Of Bohemia
  • Descartes
  • Sally Of Ibiza

5. One is the argument from....

  • Brain
  • Entities
  • Doubt
  • Mind


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