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2. What is the meaning of: senex ad urbem ambulavit ut Librum emeret?

  • The old man walked to the city to buy a book.
  • The old man walked to the city but did not buy a book.
  • I asked the old man if he had bought a book in the city.
  • The old man bought a book in the city.

3. How is the imperfect subjunctive formed?

  • Infinitive + present tense endings
  • Perfect stem + isse + present tense ending
  • Imperfect stem + present tense endings
  • Infinitive + isse + imperfect endings

4. What does 'utrum...an' mean when used with a pluperfect subjunctive?

  • Whether ... Or
  • To
  • Whether
  • Having done ...

5. How is 'ne' translated when used with the imperfect subjunctive?

  • Who was to or who could/might
  • To not or so that ... Not
  • In order to or to
  • What would be/could be


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