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2. what is a subculture

  • a group of student that doent care a bout school
  • a smaller group within a bihher group and member can be self-selected or they can be socilazed into ths group.
  • people that dont care about school
  • a groupd of people in school

3. What does Lacey say about subcultures?

  • They benefit kids
  • they come from lablling because teacher put kids into sets in school which froms a subculture because of the diffrent sets in school
  • They are no subcultures in school
  • They helps kids do well in school

4. What does Christine Griffin say about subcultures

  • They only benefit working class boys
  • Working class girls are automatically socioalized into diffrent subcultures when they grow up
  • Subcultures are only for men
  • Thye are subcultures everywhere

5. what does Paul Wills say about subcultures

  • Prepared lads for the life in working in factories
  • Its hard for students to be a part of a subculture
  • Is good for all children to be in subcultures
  • Students dont have to be in a subculture


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