Subcultural Strain Theories

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1. Cohen argues that different subcultures respond differently to lack of legit opportunities

  • ie. merton american dream
  • ie. cohen status frustration vanadalism, other illegal drug use
  • ie. cohen amerian dream, other illegal drug
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2. Retreatist subcultures

  • not everyone syccess 'double failures' so result in drug use etc...
  • provide youths with utilitarian crime. apprentice to aspire ie. money
  • class structures disorganised/ no adults result in loosely orgainsed gangs win 'tuf'

3. Reaction theories such as Cloward + ohlin have been criticised

  • for assuming everyone has mainstream goals to begin with to reject
  • for assuming everyone doesn't have the mainstream goals to begin with

4. alternative status hierachy

  • Walter
  • cohen
  • sloawrd and Ohlin

5. criminal subcultures

  • material gains
  • defend turf
  • drugs


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