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2. Criminal subcultures

  • fail both at legitimate and illegitimate/ have no access to them so result alchol drug abuse
  • youths appretaship in crime in neighbourhoods high adult crime, aoociate with adult criminals. opportunities on the crimnal ladder
  • loosely orgainised gangs no adults, winning turf from rival gangs (cohen)

3. Subcultural strain theories see

  • deviance as a product of deliquent subculture different from the rest of society
  • deviance as a product of normal subculture different from the rest of society

4. who found that drug trade is a mixture of conflict and criminal subcultures

  • Jessica
  • Nigel South
  • Miller

5. Conflict subcultures- (support cohen)

  • class structures disorganised/ no adults result in loosely orgainsed gangs win 'tuf'
  • Fail at legitimate and illegitimate so result drugs
  • provide youths with utilitarian crime. apprentice to aspire ie. money


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