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What is Culture?
The whole way of life of a particular society/ social group.
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What are Ethnical Groups?
These relate to the morals and in context of sociological research, raise questions about how to conduct morally acceptable research.
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What is Gender?
Social/Cultural differences between men and women that are associated with masculinity and feminiity
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What is Generalisation?
General statements and conclusions that apply not only to the sample studied but also to the broader population
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What is a Hypothesis?
An informed guess usually written as a statement that can be tested and then either supported with evidence or proved wrong.
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Whats Informed Consent?
As part of ethical research practice the researcher has to make sure all participants understand what the study is about? whats involved before they freely take part in it
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what is Interview bias?
This occurs when the interview situation itself influences the interviewers response. Interviewees may give answers that they think are socially acceptable/ that show them in positive light
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what are Longitudinal Studies?
Studies of the same group of people conducted over a period of time. e.g. after initial studies been carried out follow up study can take place over a long period of time
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What are Norms?
these define appropriate expected behaviour in particular social contexts such as Classrooms/ cinemas.
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Whats a peer review?
Before papers are accepted for presentation at conferences/ before articles are published they are assessed by experienced sociologists. This operates as a form of quality control
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Whats the definition of population?
The particular group, under study.
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What is Poverty?
there are two approaches when defining poverty: 1. Absolute poverty-when their income is insufficient to obtain the minimum needed to survive. 2. Relative Poverty-they can't afford to meet general standards of living.
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Whats Primary socialisation?
the process of early childhood learning, usually within families, during which babies and infants acquire the basic behaviour patterns, language and skills they will need in later life.
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What is Reliability?
This refers to consistency. Research findings are reliable if the same or consistent results are obtained a second time using the same methods.
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Whats Replication?
Standardised methods such as questionnaires can be replicated/ repeated by other researchers to check reliability of the research findings.
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What is the definition for Representative?
a presentative sample is one that reflects the characteristics of its population.
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What is a sample?
A subgroup of the population selected to study.
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What is Social Control?
This refers to the control that a group or society exercises over peoples behaviour and actions.
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What are social policies?
Sets of plans and actions put into place by governments, local authorities / other organisations in order to address particle social issues / problems.
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What are social processes?
Processe in society that involve interaction between individuals, groups and institutions.
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What is social stratification?
The way society is strutted is structured or divided into hierarchal strata with the most privileged at the top and the least favoured at the bottom . Social class is an example of a stratification system.
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What is Social structures?
the institutions that make up society such as the family, education and stratification systems
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What is Socialisation?
The process through which we learn the culture and appropriate behaviour of the particular group or society we are born into.
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What us a definition for society?
A group of people who share a culture or a way of life.
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What is Validity?
This refers to the truth or authenticity. Research findings are valid if they provide a true or authentic picture of what is being studied.
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What are Ethnical Groups?


These relate to the morals and in context of sociological research, raise questions about how to conduct morally acceptable research.

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What is Gender?


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What is Generalisation?


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