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1. What point can be used to evaluate studies into workplace stress?

  • The invention of new technology means our current knowledge is rapidly becoming out if date as technological advances may change stressors in the workplace
  • Much of the research has relied upon evidence from self-report questionnaires
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2. Who created the Social Readjustment Rating Scale?

  • Homles and Rahe
  • Kiecolt-Glaser
  • Maddi

3. Who carried out research into exam stress in 1984?

  • Lazarus
  • Kiecolt-Glaser
  • Marucha

4. Who came up with the concept of Hardy Personality?

  • Marmot and Kobasa
  • Maddi and Kobasa
  • Maddi and Meichenbaum

5. What are the weaknesses of SIT and Hardiness Training?

  • Only suits those determined to stick with it, research cannot be generalized, produces require time and commitment and concepts may be overly compl
  • They may have side effects and BZs are addictive, they only control symptoms not the cause and may produce withdrawal symptoms


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