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1. Which piece of research can be used to evaluate Marmot's study?

  • Lazarus: the point of individual differences is missed in Marmot's study, some people may percieve high demands as stressful while others do not
  • Lifton: students with high Hardiness scores were more likely to finish their degrees
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2. What point can be used to evaluate studies into workplace stress?

  • The invention of new technology means our current knowledge is rapidly becoming out if date as technological advances may change stressors in the workplace
  • Much of the research has relied upon evidence from self-report questionnaires

3. What did Holmes and Rahe do in their study?

  • Gave a version of the SRRS to 2700 navy men who filled it in just before a tour of duty, an illness score was calculated on the basis of illness recorded during the 7 month tour
  • Inflicted punch biopsies in the mouths of students either in the holidays or during exam season

4. What did Maddi find out in his study?

  • During a year in which a company wanted to dramatically decrease its number of employees, 2/3s suffered from stress-related illness but the remaing third thrived. This group showed attributes of the Hardy Personality
  • The set up a group of 3000 men and assesed their personalities by interview as well as examining them for signs of Coronary Heart Disease

5. What did Marmot find about workload?

  • There was no link between high workload and stress related illness, and it was concluded that job demard wasn't a major factor in stress
  • 5 years after the initial assesment, it was found that those who initially reported low levels of control were more likely to have developed heart disease


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