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1. What are the three stages of Hardiness Training?

  • Focusing: learn to indentify the physical symptoms of stress, Relieving: learn to analyse stressful situations to understand coping strategies, Self-improvement: take on challenges which can be coped with to build confidence
  • Conceptualization: indentify fears and concerns, Skill acquisition: train to develop skills like positive thinking and relaxation to improve self confidence, Application: practise skills in real life
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2. What point can be used to evaluate studies into workplace stress?

  • The invention of new technology means our current knowledge is rapidly becoming out if date as technological advances may change stressors in the workplace
  • Much of the research has relied upon evidence from self-report questionnaires

3. Which piece of research can be used to evaluate Holmes and Rahe's study?

  • Lazarus: daily hassels are more significant than life events as they are the more common and more significant source of stress for most people
  • Ruffin: daily hassels were linked to greater psychological and physical disfunction than life events

4. Who developed Hardiness Training?

  • Marucha
  • Maddi
  • Kobasa

5. Who developed SIT?

  • Meichenbaum
  • Lazarus
  • Kobasa


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