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1. What is a problem with Hardiness research?

  • Much of the research has relied upon evidence from self-report questionnaires
  • Individual differences are important- one person may be more affected by life changes than another as well as this the relationship is correlational rather than causal
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2. Who developed Hardiness Training?

  • Marucha
  • Maddi
  • Kobasa

3. Which piece of research can be used to evaluate Holmes and Rahe's study?

  • Lazarus: daily hassels are more significant than life events as they are the more common and more significant source of stress for most people
  • Ruffin: daily hassels were linked to greater psychological and physical disfunction than life events

4. What did Kiecolt-Glaser do in her study?

  • Took blood samples from students in a low stress and high stress period, immune system functioning was measured by NK cell activity
  • Inflicted punch biopsies in the mouths of students either in the holidays or during exam season

5. What do Marmot do in his study?

  • Gave over 7000 civil servants a questionnaire on workload, job control and a health check for signs of Cardiovascular disease. An indepent assesment was also done by checking job specification and role, they were reassessed 5 years later
  • Asked nurses to keep diaries for a month recording their hassels and uplifts whilst at work


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