Structure of the Eye


Pick the structure that matches the description

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1. bundle of nerve fibres which carry nerve impulses from retina to brain

  • optic nerve
  • fovea
  • blind spot
  • ciliary body
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2. fluid that refracts light and maintains the shape of the cornea

  • ciliary body
  • vitreous humour
  • aqueous humour
  • conjunctiva

3. thin, transparent layer to protect cornea from infection

  • iris
  • conjunctiva
  • lens
  • pupil

4. a tough outer membrane of of collagen which outer eye muscles anchor to

  • cornea
  • choroid
  • sclera
  • optic nerve

5. the thick edge of choroid layer containing blood vessels for oxygenation of muscles

  • ciliary body
  • retina
  • ciliary muscles
  • choroid


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