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2. Silver nanoparticles are used in socks to prevent bad smells. Suggest why the manufacturers used nanoparticles instead of regular silver particles.

  • They keep the socks intact for longer.
  • They are more effective and cheaper.
  • They are better looking and more effective.

3. What is a fullerene?

  • A chemical used to transfer drugs into the body,
  • Forms of carbon, with large molecules with hexagon cage like structures.
  • A type of element used to give a molecule strong forces.

4. Explain why a block of copper can be hammered into a sheet.

  • Copper breaks when a force is applied.
  • The atoms are in layers and these layers can slide over each other into the new shape.
  • Because copper isn't very strong.

5. Why do ionic compounds need to be molten or in solution to conduct electricity?

  • The ions cannot move in the solid, but become free to move in the molten liquid/ solution.
  • The ions cannot move in a Liquid, but become free in to move in solid.


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