Structure and Function of Biological Membranes

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What is the plasma membrane?
A cell boundary that controls movement in and out of cells
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What do organelle membranes do?
Divide cytoplasm into compartments?
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What are endosomes?
Membrane-bound vesicles (endocytosis = reverse exocytosis)
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What is an Acinar cell?
Outward facing cells of the pancreas that produce and transport digestion enzymes
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Give an example of a plasma membrane adaptation in the eye
Long protusions for the high sensitivity area
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What is a polarised cell?
Where the composition of the apical membrane differs from the basal lateral membrane
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Why do we study membranes?
It helps us to understand a diverse range of behaviours
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Name 3 fundamental properties of membranes
Barrier; flexible and self-repairing ; selectively permeable; continuous
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What are optical tweezers? What do they demonstrate about the membrane?
A laser beam that can pick up a piece of membrane and move it along a tubule --> demonstrates elastic capabilities
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What are the basic components of a membrane?
Lipids (phospholipids, cholesterol and sterols); proteins; carbohydrates (glycoproteins and glycolipids
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What property makes phospholipids effective components of the bilayer?
Amphipathic --> polar head, hydrophobic tail
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True or false: Phospholipids can only be saturated
False --> Phospholipids can be cis unsaturated, and kinked
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Are linear hydrocarbon chains always an even or odd number?
Even (12-22)
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Name a major membrane phospholipid
Phosphatidyl-ethanolamine; phosphatidyl-serine; phosphatidyl-choline; sphingo-myelin
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Which phospholipid is negatively charged and important for apoptosis?
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Is the proportion of phospholipids the same in every membrane?
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What does cholesterol do to a membrane?
Stabilises it and prevents phospholipids coalescing together
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What is the structure of cholesterol?
Polar head group; rigid steroid ring structure; non-polar hydrocarbon tail
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What are phosphoinositides used for?
Protein interaction
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How can you form liposomes?
Sonificate cells
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What are liposomes used for?
Drug delivery; delivery of DNA/RNA into cells for GM; Cosmetic industry
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Is the bilayer neat or messy?
Very messy --> fluidity inherent in a muddled structure
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What do organelle membranes do?


Divide cytoplasm into compartments?

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What are endosomes?


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What is an Acinar cell?


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