Structural Theories on the 'Underclass'

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1. What does Westergaard believe that the cause of the underclass 'falling' from the working class is?

  • A lack of human capital
  • A lack of culture
  • Economic strains
  • Material deprivation
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2. What was Runciman's seven class system based on?

  • Cultural deprivation
  • Levels of human capital
  • Control, power and marketability
  • Economic divisions

3. What percentage of society are in the underclass according to Runciman?

  • 5%
  • 10%
  • 2%
  • 7%

4. Who theorizes that marginalisation is due not to personal choice but material deprivation?

  • Craine
  • McDonald and Marsh
  • Mann
  • Westergaard

5. Who argues that the movement from training schemes to parenthood and crime did not create an established underclass?

  • Mann
  • Westergaard
  • Craine
  • Giddens


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