Stress 2

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1. Which statement best describes Conceptualisation?

  • Taking on new challenges
  • Training to develop skills in coping with stress and relaxation techniques
  • Identifying fears and and anxieties whilst establishing a relationship with the therapist
  • Implying newly acquired relaxation and coping techniques to real life
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2. Which psychologist's study should not be used as an example of workplace stress?

  • Brady
  • Marmot et al
  • Frankenhaeuser

3. Who's study has been criticised for being particularly unethical and why?

  • Kanner et al's study because the results were only correlational
  • Brady's monkey study because all of the monkey's died painfully and slowly
  • Frankenhaeuser's study because it had high ecological validity
  • Marmot et al's study because data was obtained using questionnaires and not kept unanimous

4. What is not a feature of SIT

  • Skill acquisition and rehearsal
  • Application to real life situations
  • Making an anxiety hierarchy
  • Conceptualisation

5. Hardiness is a trait of only Type B personality

  • False
  • True


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